Does Cruz Want U.S. Homeschoolers Shackled with U.N. Regulations?

Sarcasm Alert! Nothing tells me a WordPress blog is credible and objective like a “yuuuuge” banner of Donald Trump cascaded across the top. When a close friend told me about this article in which she read about Ted Cruz selling homeschoolers out to the UN, that’s precisely what I found.

The Marshall Report banner

I don’t know about you, but this banner gets me all feverish in anticipation of some world class, objective reporting. Actually, what we find is world class conspiracy theory mixed with a bitter mesh of character assassination. Repeatedly, we’re told: “Now that we are aware of how Rafael Cruz always announces his seedy hidden agenda programs as though they each were the staff of life…”

At first I wondered why the blogger was attacking Cruz’s dad. Apparently, though, she just really wants everyone to know Ted by his first name (Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz), rather than calling him by the nickname by which everyone knows him. Thinking Is HardIt’s something akin to calling President Nixon Richard Milhous Nixon or President Obama Barak Hussein Obama in order to make them seem strange to the bleating masses.

According to the website, the post has been shared on Facebook over 10,000 times, which tells me that there are probably a lot of homeschool parents out there who have been made aware of the contents of the article. Well, there are a few things I can point out that might put your unsocialized, sheltered, homeschool nerves to rest. Of course, considering that you’re a homeschool parent (as am I), I doubt that you are inept at doing your own research, so this post is probably highly unnecessary.

The first thing that ought to raise red flags in our consideration of this article is the fact that it is the only one. There are no major news sites running with this story, and certainly no websites that are politically neutral. This was the first warning sign I saw, so that got my research juices flowing.

The second red flag has already been discussed, the obvious bias toward one particular candidate. There are many sites out there who will tell you why you as a Christian and a homeschooler should not vote for Cruz. Instead, you should go and vote for their candidate: a billionaire reality TV star on his third marriage who forces old ladies out of their homes, loves Two Corinthians, and only owns a couple of strip clubs. Sure. Let this beacon of moral integrity set the bar for us. Why not?

Given these two glaring red flags, I took some time to research the article (Google), and I found two quite reputable organizations tell a vastly different story than does The Marshall Report. First, Breitbart, a widely trusted conservative news source, has published this article in just the past 24 hours supporting Cruz and lambasting the article. Breitbart points out that the legislation in question has been put on the table several times over the last couple decades by several legislators and Cruz is only one cosponsor of the current bill.

“Co-sponsoring legislation that has been out there for over a decade is a “hidden agenda”? Why no attack on Mike Lee? Or Mike Crapo, Pat Toomey, David Vitter, or Orrin Hatch? This blogger supports another candidate so election year politics “trumps” the truth, we suppose. Homeschoolers and fellow lovers of the truth beware.”

Furthermore, and seasoned homeschoolers will note this next bit of information with interest, the legislation is championed by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the leading defender of Homeschoolers’ rights in the nation. The HSLDA has led the fight in several states to get the government out of the home where education is concerned. If it weren’t for the HSLDA, the modern homeschool movement could not have become as strong as it is today. If any organization knows the ins and outs of homeschool litigation, it’s the HSLDA. I’ll take their word on this story over a blog-happy Trumpster any day.

Let this serve as a lesson for all of us. We should take any story we hear about any candidate from one source supporting a rival candidate with a grain of salt. We shouldn’t merely dismiss it, though. Rather, we should recognize the red flags and do our research. And most of all, we should be on guard lest we be fooled by the dishonest among us.