Virtue Signaling 101 for Passive-Aggressives

Beth Moore has been outed for some time as a false teacher. She has been a very slippery sort of heretic, which has long allowed her to share the stage both with Word of Faith types and with notable charismatics within evangelicalism like John Piper. Perhaps this angel-of-light persona makes her even more dangerous.

She first gained popularity in the 1990’s when her theology was viewed as middle-of-the-road, Bible-based, Baptist teaching, but her teaching has become more mystical and subjective over the years. Beth Moore sometimes refers to her own direct conversations with God in order to establish and validate her teachings, and she emphasizes unity in the church over sound teaching about important doctrinal matters. Moore has partnered with and endorsed Word of Faith false teachers like Joyce MeyerJoel Osteen and Christine Cain, and she is featured prominently on TBN. Read more…

Surely, then, you can imagine my surprise when Thabiti Anyabwile posted his open apology to her yesterday over at The Gospel Coalition. What we are starting to see among the “racial reconciliation” crowd is a desire to “ally” with almost anyone who would affirm them in their narrative on race in America and the church. Thabiti suggests as much about his own apology when he writes: “I’ve watched you valiantly stand with African Americans in our complaints and concern about treatment in the world and sometimes in the church. I’ve been astounded at how the Lord has used you and how much you have courageously risked to stand with us and to join the conversation.”

Doubtless, men must consider the intentions that underlie their commitments to doctrinal positions like complementarianism, and we should allow Scripture to rebuke us for any misogyny, sexism, or chauvinism that may compel us to treat our sisters in the faith as less than human. However, that does not give women the Scriptural authority to go around parading as pastors, and it certainly does not excuse Ms. Moore’s own heresy. What it will do is provide Anyabwile with ammunition to tell “white Evangelicals” that it is now their turn to fall in line and admit their own “privilege” and “sinful attitudes.” The trajectory now is so predictable if you simply have your eyes open.