Conditioned for Trump

Ever wondered why many “Christians” never seem to be all that concerned when their false prophets’ prophecies don’t come to pass? Seems these false prophets are coated with spiritual teflon. Well, I’m not here going to try to explain people’s spiritual deception. There’s something much greater and deeply spiritual going on there that stems from the judgment of God or perhaps even a temporary blinding. Lately, though, I’ve been wrestling with a different enigma. Why is it that Americans never seem to be all that concerned about the lies and flip flops of Trump, even during the primaries when we had better options? In pondering these two questions, I can’t help but wonder if perhaps more than two centuries of false prophets in America might not have conditioned the American mind for Donald Trump. At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if Trump hasn’t been watching these spiritual snake oil salesmen and taking notes.

40 trump

America needs to wake up before November. If false prophets are a judgment on the church, what does that make Trump and Clinton for the nation?