The Perfect Party Platform (Part Three)

Over the past couple days, I’ve been publishing a three part series. This series is just me musing about what I would desire in a political party platform. I have given the party a name (The Founders Party) for utilitarian reasons. You may call this party whatever you like. This is primarily meant to function as a conversation starter. Seeing as I’ve received a couple “likes,” some new traffic on the site, and no nasty comments, I’m going to assume we’re all in agreement on the first two posts. Part Three will focus on National Security.


Three Pillars

  • National Security


III. National Security


A. The Second Amendment

The first line of defense for the people of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is our right to bear arms. As such, The Founders Party is opposed to any restrictions of law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms. The right for a citizen to bear arms should only be taken away by court order as a result of a either felony conviction or a ruling of incapacity.

B. Immigration and the Border

The next line of defense is a strong immigration policy, which starts with gaining control of America’s national borders. Border control does not mean shutting down the immigration process, but it does mean that America has complete control over who enters our nation and how long they stay. In order to ensure this control, a wall must be built along our national borders with checkpoints to process immigrants entering the nation. An efficient E-Verify system must also be in place to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

C. An Efficient, Effective, Elite Military

Out of control military spending need not be tolerated to ensure America has the most effective, elite military in the world. The U.S. military must be freed to develop innovations for improving its effectiveness and its elite status while at the same time ensuring an unmatched efficiency in budgetary practices. The Founders Party will work with the military to ensure that Americans’ tax-dollars are being put to the most efficient use possible while building the strongest, most competent military the world has ever known.

D. Strong and Principled Alliances

America’s military and economy must be such that we attract the strongest and most principled allies. Our allies must see the benefit in an alliance with America, not only militarily and economically, but also strategically. As such, America’s leaders must be among the most principled of human beings. Therefore, The Founders Party is committed to promoting rational, constitutional, and virtuous statesmen. Our leaders will only be chosen from among the most travelled, most widely read humanitarians in the nation. It is time that America’s leaders once again understand the world and understand America’s unique role in it.

E. Reduced Presence Abroad

In these technologically advanced times, America’s military should be freed up and encouraged to discover new and innovative ways to decrease our presence abroad while maintaining the strategic advantage that comes from having a widespread foreign presence. The size of the military does not necessarily need to be reduced. Rather, the troops that are currently stationed in foreign lands can be redeployed to our border states to aid in our national defense.

F. Reduced Domestic Presence

A truly free people should be encouraged to responsibly exercise their freedom in a society free of Big Brother. National, state, and local law enforcement agencies should be freed up and encouraged to discover new and innovative ways to decrease their presence in our communities while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of crime prevention and law enforcement. Strides must also be taken to ensure that communities are made aware that local and state law enforcement exists to protect and serve them, not to oppress them.

G. National Sovereignty

America should only participate in NATO, the UN, and any similar coalition of nations in an advisory role. Where these foreign entities seek to assert themselves over our national sovereignty, America must assert herself as a sovereign state that will not take orders. America’s leaders must be cordial with the international community, taking pains to understand and deal prudently with foreign powers. However, our leaders must also assume the responsibility of asserting America’s unique role in that international community with tact and with confidence.


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