The Perfect Party Platform (Part Two)

Yesterday, I started a three part series. This series is just me musing about what I would desire in a political party platform. I have given the party a name (The Founders Party) for utilitarian reasons. You may call this party whatever you like. This is primarily meant to function as a conversation starter. Part Two, the shortest of the three, will focus on Social Policy.


Three Pillars

  • Social Policy


II. Social Policy


A. Marriage and Family

Marriage, between one man and one woman, was given by our Creator to provide a solid foundation for civilization. A major function of this lifelong union within society is to propagate, sustain, nourish, and promote life. The distortion of marriage will inevitably lead to the increase of fatherlessness, domestic violence, divorce, suicide, violent and sociopathic crimes, and the general breakdown of specific communities and, eventually, society as a whole. One role of the government is to promote the welfare of the society as a whole (see Establishing and Maintaining Trade Routes). As such, lifelong marriage between one man and one woman should be promoted by the state, and all distortions of it should be discouraged and go unrecognized.

B. Life and Personhood

Among the rights endowed by our Creator is the universal right to life. Many in our day have succeeded in promoting, trafficking in, and even legalizing the destruction of human life. All life is precious, from the womb to the tomb. The Founders Party believes that the murder of any human being from the moment of conception to the last breath should be outlawed nationwide. How these murders are to be prosecuted and punished should be left up to each state and local municipality, but murder should nonetheless be recognized as murder nationwide.

The Founders Party further supports any state’s decision to punish capital offenses with the utmost severity up to the death penalty. To treat capital crimes too lightly is to devalue life. If one person takes the life of another person, if the person’s state of residence so determines, that person’s life is to likewise be taken. A capital crime against the nation (e.g. treason, espionage, desertion, etc.) should be punished by death.

C. The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights outlines a series of rights with which all of humanity are endowed by their Creator. Recently, these rights have come under attack, from the threat of gun seizure to the restricting of individuals’ religious freedom. The Bill of Rights is not up for debate. No new considerations or changes in social policy give the government the right to encroach upon the rights outlined therein. The official position of The Founders Party is that the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights are to be neither restricted nor stricken.


In the final post in this series, I will offer what I believe to be the ideal stances on national security.


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