The Perfect Party Platform (Part One)

There are two subjects that will always excite me. Sadly, these two subjects are considered in our culture to be the two most taboo subjects to bring up at the water cooler or at a holiday dinner: politics and religion. Over at, I tend to focus primarily on religion. Until recently, I used social media as an outlet to air my political opinions. Since I have recently departed from Facebook, I have had precious few mediums on which to air my views. When I don’t have an immediate outlet for expression on a particular matter, the result is often that I think more deeply and ardently about it until my thoughts erupt into a blog post. The following series is just me musing about what I would desire in a political party platform. I have given the party a name (The Founders Party) for utilitarian reason. You may call this party whatever you like. This is primarily mean to function as a conversation starter. Part One will focus simply on Fiscal Policy.


Three Pillars

  • Fiscal Policy


I. Fiscal Policy

A. Military and Law Enforcement Entities

National defense and law enforcement are two of the most primary functions of any government. As such, the funding of the nation’s military and law enforcement agencies should be treated as nonexpendable within the United States government. At times of great international unrest, the size of the military may be increased to exhibit strength and readiness. At all other times, the military is to be focused on readiness and frugality. The military should never receive a blank check. Military and law enforcement entities should be funded to the extent of the tasks they are expected to accomplish, but no fraud, waste, or abuse of taxpayer funds should be tolerated within these entities. The President of the United States, operating as Commander in Chief, should receive regular reports from all defense agencies detailing the frugality of the various departments.

B. Establishing and Maintaining Trade Routes

Trade routes are essential to the proper flourishing of any economy. As such, the founders made such allowances as to fund the establishing and maintaining of trade routes across state lines. The Founders Party believes this funding is necessary and proper to maintain and improve upon the current prosperity of this nation. Such funding, however, should be allowed only so far as it is strictly monitored to prevent any possible fraud, waste, or abuse. The people’s representatives should be expected to make contractual decisions with the same frugality as if they were making these decisions for a household on a tight budget. Contracted companies tasked with building or maintaining any interstate roads, railways, or airports will be expected to complete their tasks in a timely, efficient manner in order to be duly paid.

C. Welfare

With millions currently on some form or another of government assistance for their basic needs, The Founders Party does not deem it feasible to instantly eliminate these programs wholesale. However, The Founders Party does wish to ultimately shift the responsibility of caring for the needy completely to the private sector. Thus, The Founders Party proposes a three-pronged approach to shifting this responsibility over to the private sector:

  1. Tax breaks and vouchers for charitable and not-for-profit organizations that are demonstrating marked improvements through their efforts in the lives, neighborhoods, and communities they impact.
  2. Tax breaks and vouchers for citizens and corporations that give to charitable and not-for-profit organizations that fit the description listed above.
  3. Tax breaks for organizations that aid in a public campaigns to encourage civic duty and charity.

D. Healthcare

Healthcare is a growing concern for many Americans. With the rising legal costs for those in the medical profession, malpractice insurance can raise the cost of a typical office visit or routine procedure to outrageous levels. The Founders Party believes the proper way to deal with rising health costs is not by funding government-run healthcare, but by passing laws restricting and even crippling the frivolous lawsuit racket.

The Founders Party will work with healthcare providers to keep their costs affordable. The Founders Party also vows to pass legislation that protects health care providers who have taken every precaution they are legally obligated to take in warning the public about potential dangers accompanying specific procedures. Healthcare providers are not the primary problem in America’s health care dilemma.

Solving the legal issues will not ultimately solve all of America’s healthcare woes, though. Many Americans still cannot afford basic health insurance. Much of the cause behind high health insurance costs is the lack of competition. The Founders Party will continue to encourage competition by not adding unnecessary restriction to the consumer or the insurance companies with competition-crushing regulations and compulsory insurance.

E. Education

One of the greatest hindrances to the prosperity and affluence of our great nation is compulsory, standardized education. The Founders Party desires the ultimate and complete auctioning of all powers and commodities touching public education (including higher education) to the private sector. The Founders Party would support vouchers and scholarships for students whose legal guardians can demonstrate a real need or hardship. Charitable and not-for-profit organizations would be encouraged to provide vouchers and scholarships as well (see the three pillars of Welfare reform listed above).

F. Environment

The Founders Party would work to fully and finally dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), effectively turning all environmental regulations over to state and local governments.

G. Special Interest Groups

The official policy of the The Founders Party is to not have any contact with any special interest groups for any reason whatever. Our only special interest group is that which has elected us to serve it: the people.

H. The Tenth Amendment

In accordance with the Tenth Amendment of The United States Constitution, we affirm that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

I. The Budget

Congress shall pass an efficient budget every fiscal year with spending that does not exceed revenue. Nor shall America be indebted to other nations.


In the next post in this series, I will offer what I believe to be the ideal stances on social policy.


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