The Human-like Creature

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Some are strangely fascinated by rainstorms. They are amused with flashes of lightning, thunderous rumblings, and the tap-tap-tap of rain on the window. On this particular night, I was none-too-fond of the weather. Nevertheless, after much struggle, and a seeming excess of tossing and turning in my bed, I finally succumbed to a deep sleep. As is the custom of the night, accompanying my sleep was a dream.

As I dreamed, I passed through what seemed an ocean of wet leaves and soft branches until I came to a lush green meadow amid the willow trees. Toward the far side of the meadow, was hunched a gruesome looking figure feeding on the carcass of another of his kind. He was not quite human, but he certainly had human-like qualities. He was bent forward with his bare back and ribs protruding through his thin, nearly translucent skin. His long thick hair…

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CredoCovenant Fellowship 2.0?

“Let’s assume for the moment that CredoCovenant were interested in relaunching the podcast. . .”


A while back, we revamped the website and made it a community blog, a plurality of bloggers so-to-speak. In a sense, we went from being a local blog to being a transnational website. Part of this effort was a request for our readers to consider whether or not they had a desire to contribute to our website. That request still stands, and we’d always love to have new contributors. However, we know that writing is not everyone’s “bag.”

Vintage microphone on green background. Retro style. 3d

Around the same time that we became a plurality of bloggers website, several things occurred that made it impossible for us to continue the CredoCovenant Fellowship podcast in its (then) present form. Some of our podcast contributors had major events transpiring in their lives. I myself have since moved 3½ hours away. Recently, there have been some stirring in the underground. If the website is no longer local, why should the podcast…

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Big Ethanol, or Why African Americans Should Vote Cruz

Sorry, guys. Seems all I talk about anymore is politics. I do think about other things, and you should see many more posts from me on non-political stuff in the months to come. I just had to get this one off my chest. Here goes.

Subsidies Anyone?

While campaigning in Iowa, Ted Cruz caught some heat for not supporting ethanol subsidies. He was on record having said that he would do away with ethanol subsidies, and that kind of message just doesn’t go over well in a corn state. At least, that’s what the major media wanted us to believe. At one point, a genuinely concerned corn farmer approached Cruz and asked him why he did not support ethanol. The following exchange happened:

Many don’t realize that Cruz’s answer is not merely an answer made up off the fly. Rather, the answer he gives this farmer—that the government should not be picking winners and losers, but that it should lift restrictions that keep farmers from being able to compete globally—is an argument based on deep principles. The principle Cruz is employing in the video is a principle known as the “equal protection under the law” principle, based on the 14th Amendment, which was passed on behalf of African Americans after the Civil War.

A Competitive Market Is Good for Everyone

The idea is that every American should get a fair shake from the government. This means that the government should interfere in business neither to help nor to harm them. Rather, the government’s role in business is to make sure that all job creators have unhindered access to trade and commerce in today’s competitive market. This approach to business encourages innovation and job growth, and it attracts corporations from abroad to bring their money and their jobs to the United States. Why? Because people are attracted to freedom.

This is the model that Texas has been employing for the last decade, and it has served us well. Since we have decreased regulations, lowered corporate income tax, and fostered an environment of competition and opportunity, companies have been relocating plants and headquarters to Texas left and right. It’s why Texas is #1 in job growth, and still improving. This is the model that Ted Cruz wants to bring to Washington.

How Does This Relate to African Americans?

This “equal protection under the law” model is not only good for business, though. Recently, a PJ Media article began the push for the GOP to make its case to the African American community. It specifically singles out the man the author clearly believes will be the eventual nominee: Donald Trump, and it suggests that he offer tax breaks to minority communities in order to give them a hand up, so-to-speak. This clearly would not be “equal treatment under the law.” Rather, it would be pandering, and it would be yet another instance of the government “picking the winners and the losers.”

I am convinced that Trump would be your best bet if this is the type of hand out you’re looking for. If you’re looking to get subsidized for the color of your skin, go with Trump. He’s all for pandering to the cronies. He quickly got in bed with Big Ethanol the moment he stepped foot in Iowa. No doubt, he’d hand out a bunch of goodies to the elites in the African American community, too, if it meant he could secure a few more votes. That’s precisely what he offered Big Ethanol in Iowa.

Cruz Sticks to Principle

Cruz, on the other hand, did not cave to the pressure. When pressed on the issue by corn farmers, rather than pandering, he made his case for “equal treatment under the law.” Likewise, when pressed in the Senate to side with emotional appeals from some in the African American community in order to repeal “stand your ground laws,” Cruz did not cave. Instead, he demonstrated very cogently how “stand your ground laws” have historically worked in the favor of African Americans, and were even championed by an IL State Senator in 2004 by the name of Barak Obama.

Cruz does not pander, but he is not heartless either. On the contrary, he stands on his principles and makes his case. He recognizes that principles that benefit the whole necessarily benefit the part. If all Americans benefit from a particular policy—if a policy gives all Americans an equal starting point—that policy benefits African Americans, by americas-racial-dividedefault.

Divided We Fall

Policies that benefit the whole have another effect, as well. When the whole community benefits from the same principles, rather than just fractured segments of the community, those principles work to unite communities once divided. Ask yourself, “Since President Obama has taken office, and since he has started picking winners and losers in regard to race relations, the economy, religious liberty, etc., have we become a more united America or a more divided America?” The answer is clear: we are more divided than we have been since the Civil Rights movement.

So, President Obama’s method of picking winners and losers has really served to further divide the nation, not just along racial lines, but also along economic lines, generational lines, political lines, religious lines, etc. Interestingly, the two DNC hopefuls are offering much of the same. As we’ve already demonstrated, Donald Trump would also offer more of the same. The only way we move forward is if we can put forward a man who seeks equal justice for all. The only man currently out there running on that platform is Senator Ted Cruz.

The narrative to which this nation has grown accustomed is the narrative of picking winners and losers. That’s the only way a person can demonstrate that they really care for a demographic of people anymore. Minorities, the working class, women, etc. If you want to show me you care for me, tell me how you’re going to help me win. That’s the narrative, and it’s a divisive, destructive narrative. That’s the narrative we’ve been operating on for the past 8 years and, if we continue to operate on it, we will effectively destroy this nation for our kids and our grandkids.

The Solution

What’s the solution, then? The solution is not picking winners and losers. Rather, the solution is picking a set of circumstances that fosters the greatest potential for success for all interested parties. In other words, everyone must have an equal starting point. That means that we must elect the guy that is most concerned with uniting the nation on principle rather than dividing the nation between the haves and the have nots, so he can watch them go at each other’s throats before picking the winner himself.

Does Cruz Want U.S. Homeschoolers Shackled with U.N. Regulations?

Sarcasm Alert! Nothing tells me a WordPress blog is credible and objective like a “yuuuuge” banner of Donald Trump cascaded across the top. When a close friend told me about this article in which she read about Ted Cruz selling homeschoolers out to the UN, that’s precisely what I found.

The Marshall Report banner

I don’t know about you, but this banner gets me all feverish in anticipation of some world class, objective reporting. Actually, what we find is world class conspiracy theory mixed with a bitter mesh of character assassination. Repeatedly, we’re told: “Now that we are aware of how Rafael Cruz always announces his seedy hidden agenda programs as though they each were the staff of life…”

At first I wondered why the blogger was attacking Cruz’s dad. Apparently, though, she just really wants everyone to know Ted by his first name (Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz), rather than calling him by the nickname by which everyone knows him. Thinking Is HardIt’s something akin to calling President Nixon Richard Milhous Nixon or President Obama Barak Hussein Obama in order to make them seem strange to the bleating masses.

According to the website, the post has been shared on Facebook over 10,000 times, which tells me that there are probably a lot of homeschool parents out there who have been made aware of the contents of the article. Well, there are a few things I can point out that might put your unsocialized, sheltered, homeschool nerves to rest. Of course, considering that you’re a homeschool parent (as am I), I doubt that you are inept at doing your own research, so this post is probably highly unnecessary.

The first thing that ought to raise red flags in our consideration of this article is the fact that it is the only one. There are no major news sites running with this story, and certainly no websites that are politically neutral. This was the first warning sign I saw, so that got my research juices flowing.

The second red flag has already been discussed, the obvious bias toward one particular candidate. There are many sites out there who will tell you why you as a Christian and a homeschooler should not vote for Cruz. Instead, you should go and vote for their candidate: a billionaire reality TV star on his third marriage who forces old ladies out of their homes, loves Two Corinthians, and only owns a couple of strip clubs. Sure. Let this beacon of moral integrity set the bar for us. Why not?

Given these two glaring red flags, I took some time to research the article (Google), and I found two quite reputable organizations tell a vastly different story than does The Marshall Report. First, Breitbart, a widely trusted conservative news source, has published this article in just the past 24 hours supporting Cruz and lambasting the article. Breitbart points out that the legislation in question has been put on the table several times over the last couple decades by several legislators and Cruz is only one cosponsor of the current bill.

“Co-sponsoring legislation that has been out there for over a decade is a “hidden agenda”? Why no attack on Mike Lee? Or Mike Crapo, Pat Toomey, David Vitter, or Orrin Hatch? This blogger supports another candidate so election year politics “trumps” the truth, we suppose. Homeschoolers and fellow lovers of the truth beware.”

Furthermore, and seasoned homeschoolers will note this next bit of information with interest, the legislation is championed by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the leading defender of Homeschoolers’ rights in the nation. The HSLDA has led the fight in several states to get the government out of the home where education is concerned. If it weren’t for the HSLDA, the modern homeschool movement could not have become as strong as it is today. If any organization knows the ins and outs of homeschool litigation, it’s the HSLDA. I’ll take their word on this story over a blog-happy Trumpster any day.

Let this serve as a lesson for all of us. We should take any story we hear about any candidate from one source supporting a rival candidate with a grain of salt. We shouldn’t merely dismiss it, though. Rather, we should recognize the red flags and do our research. And most of all, we should be on guard lest we be fooled by the dishonest among us.

The Perfect Party Platform (Part Three)

Over the past couple days, I’ve been publishing a three part series. This series is just me musing about what I would desire in a political party platform. I have given the party a name (The Founders Party) for utilitarian reasons. You may call this party whatever you like. This is primarily meant to function as a conversation starter. Seeing as I’ve received a couple “likes,” some new traffic on the site, and no nasty comments, I’m going to assume we’re all in agreement on the first two posts. Part Three will focus on National Security.


Three Pillars

  • National Security


III. National Security


A. The Second Amendment

The first line of defense for the people of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is our right to bear arms. As such, The Founders Party is opposed to any restrictions of law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms. The right for a citizen to bear arms should only be taken away by court order as a result of a either felony conviction or a ruling of incapacity.

B. Immigration and the Border

The next line of defense is a strong immigration policy, which starts with gaining control of America’s national borders. Border control does not mean shutting down the immigration process, but it does mean that America has complete control over who enters our nation and how long they stay. In order to ensure this control, a wall must be built along our national borders with checkpoints to process immigrants entering the nation. An efficient E-Verify system must also be in place to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

C. An Efficient, Effective, Elite Military

Out of control military spending need not be tolerated to ensure America has the most effective, elite military in the world. The U.S. military must be freed to develop innovations for improving its effectiveness and its elite status while at the same time ensuring an unmatched efficiency in budgetary practices. The Founders Party will work with the military to ensure that Americans’ tax-dollars are being put to the most efficient use possible while building the strongest, most competent military the world has ever known.

D. Strong and Principled Alliances

America’s military and economy must be such that we attract the strongest and most principled allies. Our allies must see the benefit in an alliance with America, not only militarily and economically, but also strategically. As such, America’s leaders must be among the most principled of human beings. Therefore, The Founders Party is committed to promoting rational, constitutional, and virtuous statesmen. Our leaders will only be chosen from among the most travelled, most widely read humanitarians in the nation. It is time that America’s leaders once again understand the world and understand America’s unique role in it.

E. Reduced Presence Abroad

In these technologically advanced times, America’s military should be freed up and encouraged to discover new and innovative ways to decrease our presence abroad while maintaining the strategic advantage that comes from having a widespread foreign presence. The size of the military does not necessarily need to be reduced. Rather, the troops that are currently stationed in foreign lands can be redeployed to our border states to aid in our national defense.

F. Reduced Domestic Presence

A truly free people should be encouraged to responsibly exercise their freedom in a society free of Big Brother. National, state, and local law enforcement agencies should be freed up and encouraged to discover new and innovative ways to decrease their presence in our communities while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of crime prevention and law enforcement. Strides must also be taken to ensure that communities are made aware that local and state law enforcement exists to protect and serve them, not to oppress them.

G. National Sovereignty

America should only participate in NATO, the UN, and any similar coalition of nations in an advisory role. Where these foreign entities seek to assert themselves over our national sovereignty, America must assert herself as a sovereign state that will not take orders. America’s leaders must be cordial with the international community, taking pains to understand and deal prudently with foreign powers. However, our leaders must also assume the responsibility of asserting America’s unique role in that international community with tact and with confidence.

The Perfect Party Platform (Part Two)

Yesterday, I started a three part series. This series is just me musing about what I would desire in a political party platform. I have given the party a name (The Founders Party) for utilitarian reasons. You may call this party whatever you like. This is primarily meant to function as a conversation starter. Part Two, the shortest of the three, will focus on Social Policy.


Three Pillars

  • Social Policy


II. Social Policy


A. Marriage and Family

Marriage, between one man and one woman, was given by our Creator to provide a solid foundation for civilization. A major function of this lifelong union within society is to propagate, sustain, nourish, and promote life. The distortion of marriage will inevitably lead to the increase of fatherlessness, domestic violence, divorce, suicide, violent and sociopathic crimes, and the general breakdown of specific communities and, eventually, society as a whole. One role of the government is to promote the welfare of the society as a whole (see Establishing and Maintaining Trade Routes). As such, lifelong marriage between one man and one woman should be promoted by the state, and all distortions of it should be discouraged and go unrecognized.

B. Life and Personhood

Among the rights endowed by our Creator is the universal right to life. Many in our day have succeeded in promoting, trafficking in, and even legalizing the destruction of human life. All life is precious, from the womb to the tomb. The Founders Party believes that the murder of any human being from the moment of conception to the last breath should be outlawed nationwide. How these murders are to be prosecuted and punished should be left up to each state and local municipality, but murder should nonetheless be recognized as murder nationwide.

The Founders Party further supports any state’s decision to punish capital offenses with the utmost severity up to the death penalty. To treat capital crimes too lightly is to devalue life. If one person takes the life of another person, if the person’s state of residence so determines, that person’s life is to likewise be taken. A capital crime against the nation (e.g. treason, espionage, desertion, etc.) should be punished by death.

C. The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights outlines a series of rights with which all of humanity are endowed by their Creator. Recently, these rights have come under attack, from the threat of gun seizure to the restricting of individuals’ religious freedom. The Bill of Rights is not up for debate. No new considerations or changes in social policy give the government the right to encroach upon the rights outlined therein. The official position of The Founders Party is that the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights are to be neither restricted nor stricken.


In the final post in this series, I will offer what I believe to be the ideal stances on national security.

The Perfect Party Platform (Part One)

There are two subjects that will always excite me. Sadly, these two subjects are considered in our culture to be the two most taboo subjects to bring up at the water cooler or at a holiday dinner: politics and religion. Over at, I tend to focus primarily on religion. Until recently, I used social media as an outlet to air my political opinions. Since I have recently departed from Facebook, I have had precious few mediums on which to air my views. When I don’t have an immediate outlet for expression on a particular matter, the result is often that I think more deeply and ardently about it until my thoughts erupt into a blog post. The following series is just me musing about what I would desire in a political party platform. I have given the party a name (The Founders Party) for utilitarian reason. You may call this party whatever you like. This is primarily mean to function as a conversation starter. Part One will focus simply on Fiscal Policy.


Three Pillars

  • Fiscal Policy


I. Fiscal Policy

A. Military and Law Enforcement Entities

National defense and law enforcement are two of the most primary functions of any government. As such, the funding of the nation’s military and law enforcement agencies should be treated as nonexpendable within the United States government. At times of great international unrest, the size of the military may be increased to exhibit strength and readiness. At all other times, the military is to be focused on readiness and frugality. The military should never receive a blank check. Military and law enforcement entities should be funded to the extent of the tasks they are expected to accomplish, but no fraud, waste, or abuse of taxpayer funds should be tolerated within these entities. The President of the United States, operating as Commander in Chief, should receive regular reports from all defense agencies detailing the frugality of the various departments.

B. Establishing and Maintaining Trade Routes

Trade routes are essential to the proper flourishing of any economy. As such, the founders made such allowances as to fund the establishing and maintaining of trade routes across state lines. The Founders Party believes this funding is necessary and proper to maintain and improve upon the current prosperity of this nation. Such funding, however, should be allowed only so far as it is strictly monitored to prevent any possible fraud, waste, or abuse. The people’s representatives should be expected to make contractual decisions with the same frugality as if they were making these decisions for a household on a tight budget. Contracted companies tasked with building or maintaining any interstate roads, railways, or airports will be expected to complete their tasks in a timely, efficient manner in order to be duly paid.

C. Welfare

With millions currently on some form or another of government assistance for their basic needs, The Founders Party does not deem it feasible to instantly eliminate these programs wholesale. However, The Founders Party does wish to ultimately shift the responsibility of caring for the needy completely to the private sector. Thus, The Founders Party proposes a three-pronged approach to shifting this responsibility over to the private sector:

  1. Tax breaks and vouchers for charitable and not-for-profit organizations that are demonstrating marked improvements through their efforts in the lives, neighborhoods, and communities they impact.
  2. Tax breaks and vouchers for citizens and corporations that give to charitable and not-for-profit organizations that fit the description listed above.
  3. Tax breaks for organizations that aid in a public campaigns to encourage civic duty and charity.

D. Healthcare

Healthcare is a growing concern for many Americans. With the rising legal costs for those in the medical profession, malpractice insurance can raise the cost of a typical office visit or routine procedure to outrageous levels. The Founders Party believes the proper way to deal with rising health costs is not by funding government-run healthcare, but by passing laws restricting and even crippling the frivolous lawsuit racket.

The Founders Party will work with healthcare providers to keep their costs affordable. The Founders Party also vows to pass legislation that protects health care providers who have taken every precaution they are legally obligated to take in warning the public about potential dangers accompanying specific procedures. Healthcare providers are not the primary problem in America’s health care dilemma.

Solving the legal issues will not ultimately solve all of America’s healthcare woes, though. Many Americans still cannot afford basic health insurance. Much of the cause behind high health insurance costs is the lack of competition. The Founders Party will continue to encourage competition by not adding unnecessary restriction to the consumer or the insurance companies with competition-crushing regulations and compulsory insurance.

E. Education

One of the greatest hindrances to the prosperity and affluence of our great nation is compulsory, standardized education. The Founders Party desires the ultimate and complete auctioning of all powers and commodities touching public education (including higher education) to the private sector. The Founders Party would support vouchers and scholarships for students whose legal guardians can demonstrate a real need or hardship. Charitable and not-for-profit organizations would be encouraged to provide vouchers and scholarships as well (see the three pillars of Welfare reform listed above).

F. Environment

The Founders Party would work to fully and finally dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), effectively turning all environmental regulations over to state and local governments.

G. Special Interest Groups

The official policy of the The Founders Party is to not have any contact with any special interest groups for any reason whatever. Our only special interest group is that which has elected us to serve it: the people.

H. The Tenth Amendment

In accordance with the Tenth Amendment of The United States Constitution, we affirm that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

I. The Budget

Congress shall pass an efficient budget every fiscal year with spending that does not exceed revenue. Nor shall America be indebted to other nations.


In the next post in this series, I will offer what I believe to be the ideal stances on social policy.